On Thursday 29 April 2021, starting at 2.30 pm, on the “Microsoft Teams” platform, another Lecture of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module took place, dedicated to Investigative Techniques, Evidence Gathering and “Proliferation” of Databases in Judicial and Police Cooperation. The Lecture started with the introduction by Prof. Gaspare Dalia (The Exchange of Information as a Tool for Judicial and Police Cooperation: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives) and by Profs. Teresa Russo and Anna Oriolo, which were followed by the speeches of Prof. Paolo Troisi (Principle of Availability, Horizontal Cooperation and PNR Data Exchange), Prof. Donatello Cimadomo (The New IT Frontiers of Judicial Cooperation. ECRIS Between Technical Rules and Practical Needs), Dr. Lucia Iodice (ECRIS-TCN. Artificial Intelligence, Police Investigations and Respect of Data Protection Rules), Prof. Pietro Milazzo (The Proliferation of Police Databases and the European Regulation on Personal Data: Perspectives and Limits of the Directive (EU) 2016/680), by Dr. Giorgio Butini (Databases and Investigative Techniques in International Police Cooperation: Key Performance Indicators of the Approximation to European Union?) and by Dr. Gezim Spahiu (Mutual Legal Assistance Instruments in Albania). The works were closed by the final debate.

On Friday 23 April 2021, starting at 2.30 P.M., the Conference of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module dedicated to (Cyber) Control of Migratory Flows, Fight Against Transnational Crime and Protection of Vulnerable People took place on the “Microsoft Teams” platform. The Conference started with an introduction by Profs. Teresa Russo, Anna Oriolo and Gaspare Dalia ((Cyber) Control of Illegal Migratory Flows, h. 3:00), which was followed by two other sessions. Session I (“Fight Against Transnational Crime”, h. 3:30 P.M.), hosted the lectures by Prof. Leonardo Borlini (Regulating Criminal Finance in the EU in the Light of the International Instruments), Prof. Ivana Bodrožić (Serbian Criminal Law Response on Terrorism in the EU Integration Context), Prof. Ersi Bozheku (Serious Crime, Corruption and Judiciary in Albania: What Implications and Solutions at National and European Level?) and Prof. Elena Maksimova (Human Trafficking: Online Recruitment – A Serious Risk to Migrants’ Cyber ​​Security in Republic of North Macedonia). Session II (“Protection of Vulnerable People”, h. 5:00) was animated by the speeches of Judge Giovan Francesco Fiore (Unaccompanied Foreign Minors in Italian and International Law System), by Prof. Rosanna Palladino (Family Reunification and Minors), by Dr. Amarila Lici (Unaccompanied Minors as Victims of Trafficking and Exploitation and Protection Means), by Dr. Claudia Pecoraro (Trafficking in Women Between Emergence and Social Inclusion) and Dr. Florinda Mirabile (Disadvantaged Children on the Balkan Route). Two Q&A sessions created an open debate after the respective sessions.

EUWEB would like to share its appreciation to the promoters of the “EU Values, Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue: Enhancing the debate” – Session 3, “Democracy and European Citizenship in the EU” – Jean Monnet Project EUVadis. The event was particularly insightful on how the EU Citizen relate to the often recalled “lack of democracy” and the upcoming challenges of AIs.
A special thanks goes to Ioannis Papadopoulos (Chair), Associate Professor, Department of International and European Studies, Director of the Center for Research on Democracy and Law, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki (Greece); and Jan Klejssen, Director of Information society and Action against Crime of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France). #EU #euweb #euvadis


EUWEB’s Module Leader, Prof. Teresa Russo, with a presentation titled “The Democratic Principles in EU Legal Order: A Reality or a Challenge?” will be guest speaker at Session 3 “Democracy and European Citizenship in the EU” as part of the Conference “EU Values, Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue: Enhancing the Debate”. The latter is a scientific event organized by the Jean Monnet Project “Enhancing the Debate about Intercultural Dialogue, EU Values and Diversity” (EUVaDis), Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia.

The event is scheduled for tomorrow, 21 April 2021, at 17:00 CET. Make sure you dont’ miss it! #EU #euweb #euvadis

Click the following link to preregister in order to join the meeting: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwsdO2tqDMuGNYN4AHxsOPZnnkcNnxHyj5z

On Thursday 15 April 2021, starting at 2:30 P.M., on the “Microsoft Teams” platform, the Lecture of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module, dedicated to “Crimmigration” and Migrants’ Rights took place. The lecture started with an introduction by Prof. Teresa Russo and Prof. Anna Oriolo (International and EU Law Trends in the Criminalization of Irregular Migration). Later, a first Panel entitled “Crimmigration and National Law”, hosted the relations by Prof. Luigi Foffani (“Crimmigration”: Immigration and Criminal Law in the Italian Experience), Prof. Antonino Sessa (Criminalizing of Illegal Migration and Symbolic Criminal Policies: Criminal Law and the Business of Fear) and Simona Libera Scocozza (Crime of Clandestinity: Introduction, Evolution and Practical Developments). The second panel, entitled “Crimmigration, Human Rights and EU Policies”, showcased the relations by Prof. Maja Savic-Bojanic (Migrations and Human Trafficking: Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina), Prof. Marco Borraccetti (Leaving Protection Seekers Outside: The Border Procedure in the EU Legal Order) and Prof. Alessandro Tomaselli (Some Food for Thought on Migrants’ Rights and EU Policies). Conclusively, the final debate ended the lecture.

On Thursday 8 April 2021, starting at 2:30 P.M, on the “Microsoft Teams” platform, another Training Course of the Jean Monnet Module EUWEB dedicated to “EU Strategies Against Illegal Immigration: Refoulement, Expulsion and Readmission of Irregular Foreigners” took place. The lecture was opened by the introduction of Prof. Teresa Russo, EUWEB Leader, and Profs Anna Oriolo and Gaspare Dalia, EUWEB Key Teachers (Looking for an EU “Sustainable Approach” in the Fight Against Irregular Migration) followed by the speeches of Prof. Fabio Spitaleri (Pushbacks, “Dublin transfers”, Readmissions and Returns in EU Law),  Prof. Ana Nikodinovska Krstevska (EU Readmission Agreements with the Western Balkan Countries: More Than Meets the Eye), and Caterina Bove (Migrants’ Readmissions to the Eastern Italian Border and Their Compatibility with Internal and EU Law). Later, Zoran Drangovski (Illegal Migration in the Western Balkans: An Endless Fairy Tale?) and Daniele Bombardi (Stories of Migration and Pushbacks at the EU Gateway) intervened as representatives of non-governmental organizations.  The final debate closed the lecture.

For their excellent contribution within our lecture concerning “EU Strategies Against Illegal Immigration: Refoulement, Expulsion and Readmission of Irregular Foreigners area”, we feel thankful towards our speakers.