On Thursday 15 April 2021, starting at 2:30 P.M., on the “Microsoft Teams” platform, the Lecture of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module, dedicated to “Crimmigration” and Migrants’ Rights took place. The lecture started with an introduction by Prof. Teresa Russo and Prof. Anna Oriolo (International and EU Law Trends in the Criminalization of Irregular Migration). Later, a first Panel entitled “Crimmigration and National Law”, hosted the relations by Prof. Luigi Foffani (“Crimmigration”: Immigration and Criminal Law in the Italian Experience), Prof. Antonino Sessa (Criminalizing of Illegal Migration and Symbolic Criminal Policies: Criminal Law and the Business of Fear) and Simona Libera Scocozza (Crime of Clandestinity: Introduction, Evolution and Practical Developments). The second panel, entitled “Crimmigration, Human Rights and EU Policies”, showcased the relations by Prof. Maja Savic-Bojanic (Migrations and Human Trafficking: Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina), Prof. Marco Borraccetti (Leaving Protection Seekers Outside: The Border Procedure in the EU Legal Order) and Prof. Alessandro Tomaselli (Some Food for Thought on Migrants’ Rights and EU Policies). Conclusively, the final debate ended the lecture.