EUWEB Legal Essays.
Global & International Perspectives


EUWEB Legal Essays. Global & International Perspectives (ISSN: 2785-5228) is an international, peer-reviewed Journal with semi-annual publication, fully digital, accessible and usable free of charge. It was born in 2022 from the EUWEB research group’s desire to make the most of and build on the scientific results achieved within the 2019-2022 Jean Monnet Module “EU-Western Balkans Cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs” and, then, of the ongoing Jean Monnet Chair “Promoting Public Awareness on Enlargement, EU Values and the Western Balkans’ Accession” (EUVALWEB) with the aim of stimulating debate and fostering the international dissemination of published contributions, both theoretical and empirical, in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

The main aim of the Journal is to offer the scientific community a tool for consultation and updating on the specificities of European Cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs in relations, in particular, with the Western Balkans, but also with the other Member States and non-Member States of Eastern Europe.
The enlargement and future prospects of the Union have, in fact, redrawn the external borders and the Union’s neighbourhood, which represents an area of fundamental geo-strategic interest for Europe’s internal and external security. This is reflected in the multiplicity of instruments and strategies implemented by the European institutions and the Member States towards the Western Balkans, the other candidates for accession and the new neighbours in the areas of cross-border security, migration and asylum, the fight against transnational crimes, police and judicial cooperation, inspired by the promotion and protection of the Union’s values and the fundamental rights of all individuals.

Composed of eminent and young scholars from the EU Member States, but also and especially from the Western Balkans, the Journal ensures a fair geographical representation in its organs and a broader discussion and sharing of the topics covered in its publications. In fact, the flexible format of its structure makes it possible to publish not only essays, but also conference proceedings and monographic issues on topics of common scientific interest, and to host contributions by young scholars in order to enhance their research skills.

Therefore, it represents a privileged platform for the discussion and sharing of scientific research, also conducted within the EUVALWEB Legal Observatory: Cross-Border Security (Migration and Asylum Management), Transnational Crimes, Police and Judicial Cooperation, Promotion and Protection of EU Values and Fundamental Rights, with a multidisciplinary approach in legal studies.