Ana Nikodinovska Krstevska & Teresa Russo


Unravelling the Impact of Xenophobia and Hate Crimes
on the Human Rights of Migrants and Asylum Seekers

Olga Koshevaliska & Ernis Isamatov

Cooperation for the Protection of the Rights of Female Migrants:
Prevention of Gender-Based Violence During Migration

Elena Maksimova

International and European Police Cooperation Against Trafficking of Stolen Vehicles

Eugenio Zaniboni & Paolo Cestra

Conference Speeches


Ivana Jelić

The Evolution of European Criminal Competence in the Fight Against Transnational Crime

Teresa Russo

Criminalistics and Criminal Justice Aspects of Proving and Solving Criminal Offences

Johann Wagner

Organised Criminality

Jelena Đurišić

Montenegro and the Eurojust

Jelena Đaletić

International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters in Montenegro

Ognjen Mitrović

Free Movement of Crime

Nikola B. Šaranović

Respect for Human Rights and the Concept of Transnational Organised Crime
(Challenges in the Rule-of-Law Field)

Mladen Vukčević

Searching for a Just Balance

Milorad Marković