The EUWEB module consist of training seminars guided by the module’s teaching staff and national and international experts, with the active participation of representatives of local police stations, prefectures, territorial bar associations, student associations, as well as non-profit associations.

Informal meetings and roundtable debates among the teaching staff, national and international experts, and the representatives of the different stakeholder categories, also from the Balkan countries, will precede each annual module to plan the best implementation, involve them in the work of the module, enhance cooperation, and create a synergistic working group that monitors the “democratic” progress of the Western Balkans in the EU accession process according to a culture of openness and participation of future EU citizenship that is ever-widening.


Module Leader

Teresa Russo

Skills and Expertise

Ph. D., Associate Professor of European Union Law, Lecturer of European Union Law, International Law, International Organizations, EU Migration Law, European Single Market, International Trade and New Technologies Law, International Law and Cyber Security (University of Salerno); Lecturer of Advanced EU Law at the Law Faculty, Albanian University of Tirana (a.y. 2020-2021);  Key Teaching Member of the Jean Monnet Module “Solidarity in EU Law” (SoEULaw), University of Pisa, selected for funding by the European Commission for the 2019-2020 period; Lecturer bestowed of the Jubilee Diploma by the Rector, the Presidents of Senate and Board of Directors at the University “Titu Maiorescu” of Bucharest in occasion of the 25th anniversary of the University’s foundation, 23 April 2015; Member of the Scientific-Technical Committee of the Observatory on European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice – Legal Laboratory, Department of Legal Sciences, University of Salerno;
General Director of the EUWEB Legal Observatory, Department of Legal Sciences, University of Salerno, 2021-present; Scientific Coordinator of the International Credit Mobility project with Albanian universities, co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 1 with Partner States for the period 2017-2023; Editorial Board’s Member of the review La Comunità internazionale (The International Community) of the Italian Society for international Organization, Rome, Italy;  Member of the Referee Committee of the online Journal Freedom, Security and Justice: European Legal StudiesScientific Board’s Member of the Review OPTIME of the Albanian University of Tirana, Albania, 2020-present; Member of the Conference Programme Committee of the  International Scientific Conference “Archibald Reiss Days”, at The University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, Belgrade, Serbia;  Delegate to Communication, Department of Legal Sciences (School of Law), University of Salerno; Lawyer. Her research activities and publications (books, book chapters, articles, etc.) focus on current issues of International Law and International Organizations, as well as EU law with specific reference to the constitutional evolution of the EU integration process and the democratization of external EU action.

Her specific experience and scientific role in the agreement with Albanian universities will ensure the highest quality and impact of teaching and research, also thanks to a network of contacts established with local institutions.

As module leader, she will carry out teaching and research activities concerning EU-Western Balkan cooperation on cross-border security (migration and asylum management).

Member of the teaching staff

Anna Oriolo

Skills and Expertise

Ph.D., Associate Professor of International Law and Lecturer of EU Law and International Criminal Law at the Department of Legal Sciences (School of Law), University of Salerno (Italy). At the same University, she is also Lecturer of International Law and Diplomatic and Consular Law at the Department of Political and Social Studies. She was also Lecturer of International Law & European Union Law, at University of Cagliari (2014) at Université Lumiere Lyon 2 (2016-2019), at Specialization School for Legal Professions, University of Salerno, (2017–2022) and at the Jean Monnet Summer School on Climate Change, Health, and the Environment, University of Salerno (2018).

She was also member of the Academic Board for the Ph.D. Program “International Law Domestic Law in International Affairs” (2005-2010) and of the Academic Board for the Ph.D. Program “Public Ethics, Stakeholders, Persons and CSR” (2010-2015) at the University of Salerno.

Currently she is Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee of Linguistic Centre of University of the Salerno, and Erasmus tutor with respect to the Erasmus+ program bilateral agreements between the University of Salerno and the Université Grenoble Alpes (France), the Université Lumière, Lyon2 (France); and the Peloponnese University (Greece). With regard to her editorial experience, she served as Managing Editor of the Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence (Oxford University Press), is an invited peer reviewer for International Criminal Law Review (Brill), and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Criminal Law (JICL), Iura and Legal Systems and of the Referees Committee of Freedom, Security & Justice: European Legal Studies,

Professor Oriolo is Scientific Director of several research programs funded by the University of Salerno (2006–2022) and her works (in Italian, English, and French) cover a wide range of subjects in the field of international law and EU law, i.e. international criminal law and crimina juris gentium, human rights and fundamental freedoms, cross-fertilization, cybersecurity, environmental protection and water resources, global law and policies, cultural heritage, ethics in international and EU Law, corporate social responsibility, and post-conflict justice.

In 2012, she was included in the Marquis “Who’s Who in the World”, which provides concise, accurate biographies of renowned individuals from around the world, representing virtually every major field of human endeavor.

Her specific expertise in the field of EU and international criminal law will ensure the highest quality and impact of teaching and research.

As a key staff member, she will carry out teaching and research activities concerning EU-Western Balkan cooperation on transnational crimes.

Member of the teaching staff

Gaspare Dalia

Skills and Expertise

Ph.D. and Aggregate Professor of Comparative Criminal Law at the Department of Legal Sciences (School of Law), since a.y. 2014/2015; Aggregate Professor of the General Theory of Process at the Faculty of Law, University of Salerno (2009–2014); Researcher of Criminal Procedure Law (since 2005) at the Department of Legal Science (School of Law), and scholarship holder of the annual specialization in Criminal Law at the University of Munich (2000). He is a legal practitioner as a criminal lawyer (2002) and Professor of Criminal Procedural Law and Deontology at the School of Specialization for Legal Professions in the Department of Legal Sciences (School of Law) of the University of Salerno. He has been Scientific Director of professional training courses in Criminal Procedure Law in the Training Offer Plan of the Bar Association of Salerno (2010–2014).

He has been invited to various universities to lecture on matters of criminal procedural law. He has been Member of the Scientific Committee and speaker at many conferences in Italy and abroad. He is author of several scientific publications in criminal law and criminal procedure law, particularly in matters of judicial cooperation and criminal investigations between Italy and the countries of the European Union, as well as non-EU countries. His expertise and practice as lawyer in the field of criminal procedural law will ensure the highest quality and impact of teaching and research.

As a key staff member, he will carry out teaching and research activities concerning EU-Western Balkan judicial and police cooperation.