On Friday 12 March 2021, starting at 2.30 pm, on the “Microsoft Teams” platform, the third training course of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module dedicated to the New European Pact on Immigration and Asylum and the reform of the Dublin Regulation took place. The Lecture was opened by the introduction of Profs. Gaspare Dalia and Anna Oriolo and was followed by the speeches of Prof. Teresa Russo (Current Challenges of EU Immigration Policy: Are There Any Answers in the Pact?), of Dr. Laura Ferrara (The European Pact on Migration and Asylum: A New Opportunity to deadlock the Management of Migratory Flows?) and of Prof. Francesco Cherubini (Solidarity Mechanisms Within the CEAS: Unfair Past, Conflicting Present, Uncertain Future). Later, Dr. Zaneta Poposka (Right to Asylum in the Western Balkans: A Comparative Analysis of National Rules) and Dr. Mersiha Smailovikj (Access to Asylum along the Balkan Route: A Practice-Based Approach) addressed the analysis of the right of asylum in the Western Balkans countries. The final debate concluded the works of the course.

We’d like to thank our guest speakers of today’s lecture, which concerned The New Pact on Migration and Asylum and the Reform of the Dublin Regulation. We very much appreciated their relations!