On Tuesday 9 March 2021, starting at 2.30 pm, the second training course of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module, dedicated to Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations at Sea and Cooperation with Frontex, took place on the ‘Microsoft Teams’ platform. The lecture started off with an introductory relation by Prof. Teresa Russo (Some Critical Issues on Border Management and the Protection of Human Lifes at Sea), by Livio Scirocco (Search and Rescue Activities for Human Life at Sea. Technical-Legal References), by Prof. Ida Caracciolo (The Concept of Place of Safety in SAR Preparations: Interpretative Doubts and Application Conflicts), and by Alessandro Gamberini (NGOs Between Relief Duties and Forms of Criminalisation). In conclusion, Prof. Francesco Buonomenna held a scheduled speech (Brief reflections on SAR operations) which was followed by the final open debate.

In the light of the engaging contributions brought to our attention at today’s lecture (Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations at Sea and Cooperation with Frontex), we’d like to express our gratitude towards our eminent guests.