Inaugural Conference of the Jean Monnet module on EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs.

Monday 2 March 2020 at 9.30 in the Nicola Cilento Hall of the University of Salerno, the inauguration of the Jean Monnet Module “EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs” (EUWEB) will take place, coordinated by Prof. Teresa Russo (Module Leader) and by Profs. Anna Oriolo and Gaspare Dalia (Key Staff Members).

After the welcoming speeches of Prof. Gianluca Sbardella (Delegate of the Rector for internationalization),  Prof. Giovanni Sciancalepore (Director of the Department of Legal Sciences), Prof. Francesco Fasolino (President of the Didactic Council of the Department of Legal Sciences) and of  Silverio Sica (President of the Council of the Bar Association of Salerno), the opening of the work will be entrusted to Prof. Angela Di Stasi (Jean Monnet Chair Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights in the AFSJ). Then, Prof. Teresa Russo, will present the EUWEB Module.

The work will be divided into three sessions: I. Cross-Border Security (Migration and Asylum Management), chaired by Prof. Augusto Sinagra (Full Professor of International Law at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome); II. Police and Judicial Cooperation, chaired by Dr. Monica Amirante (President of the Surveillance Court of Salerno); III. Transnational Crimes and Human Rights Protection, chaired by Cosimo Risi (Ambassador).


The professors of the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Salerno will participate in the work, such as Prof. Luigi Kalb (Professor of Criminal Procedure) and other Italian universities, such as Prof. Anna Lucia Valvo (Professor of European Union Law of the “Kore” University of Enna), as well as foreign professors, such as Prof. Guillame Protière (Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Lumière University – Lyon 2) and Profs. Erjon Hitaj (Director of the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”), Niuton Mulleti (Director of the Legal and Institutional Affairs Office of the EPOKA University of Tirana) and Ismail Tafani (Director of the Department of Legal Sciences of the Albanian University of Tirana).
The technical profiles will be entrusted to the interventions of Laura Ferrara (MEP), Fulvio Baldi (Head of Cabinet of the Italian Ministry of Justice) and Simona Libera Scocozza (Lawyer).

Professor. Massimo Panebianco (Emeritus of International Law of the University of Salerno) will conclude the works.