EU-Western Balkans cooperation and protection of fundamental rights

Prof. in charge Teresa Russo (Module Leader) 
Prof. in charge Anna Oriolo (Key Staff Member) 
Prof. in charge Gaspare Dalia (Key Staff Member) 

This training activity aims to foster knowledge and critical assessments concerning the new dynamic phase of EU integration thanks to relaunching the EU Strategy towards Western Balkan countries that aims to further progress on the reforms that should benefit all citizens.

Building a democratic system plays a central role in meeting the conditions for EU accession, which refers to the stability of democratic institutions and the protection of fundamental rights and minority rights. Thus, the activity aims at increased monitoring and examining the impact of reforms under the rule of law, respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression, independence of the media, the role of parliament, building democratic and independent institutions, de-politicization and professionalization of the public sector. It will also compare the current situation of the rule of law within EU Member States and the impact on the legal systems of each Western Balkan country according to an interdisciplinary approach that includes criminal law and criminal procedural law, constitutional law, European and international law.

The training activity will also consist of joint training seminars for the teaching staff, international and national experts, and the representatives of the different categories of stakeholders to provide technical expertise on the protection of fundamental rights in the JHA cooperation.