On Thursday 6 May 2021, starting at 2.30 pm, the Lecture of the Jean Monnet EUWEB Module concerning Criminal Judicial Cooperation in the Digital Age: IT Security, Prevention and Repression Mechanisms and Protection of Procedural Rights took place on the “Microsoft Teams” platform. The Lecture started with the remarks of Prof. Teresa Russo and the introduction of Profs. Gaspare Dalia and Anna Oriolo (Current Trends of the Judicial Cooperation and Procedural Rights: The Protection of the Ne Bis In Idem Principle) which were followed by the speeches of the Judge and Prof. Antonio Balsamo (The New Perspectives of International Judicial Cooperation in the Digital Age: Electronic Surveillance and Protection of Fundamental Rights), of Prof. Donatella Curtotti (Hi-Tech Investigations, Cyber Space, Evidence Exchanges Between States and Internet Provider Services: A Regulation That Isn’t There (Yet)), of Prof. Ivan Illic (The Approach of the Western Balkans Courts to the Ne Bis In Idem Principle), of Prof. Ismail Tafani (The Albanian Judicial Cooperation with the EU as a Tool for Guaranteeing Human Rights and Achieving a Functioning Democracy), and by Prof. Jelena Kostic (Economic Crime and Criminal Law Cooperation in the Digital Age: Challenges and Recommendations). The works were closed by the final debate.