On Friday 11 June 2021, starting at 2.30 pm, the last Lecture of the 2nd edition of the Jean Monnet Module EUWEB took place on the “Microsoft Teams” platform, dedicated to the Judicial Cooperation in the Fight Against Transnational Crime: EPPO, EUROJUST and OLAF. The Lecture started with the introductory speech by Profs. Anna Oriolo, Teresa Russo and Gaspare Dalia (Cross-Border Judicial Cooperation in the Digital age: An Overview). Then, it was followed by the speeches of Dr. Danilo Ceccarelli (The European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Structure, Mandate and a Focus on the Cross-Border Investigations), Dr. Vincenzo Picciotti (The European Delegated Prosecutor and the Italian Legal System: Closed vs. Open Issues), Prof. Dragana Čvorović (Strengthening the Capacities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Process of Serbia’s Accession to the EU), Dr. Aldo Ingangi (EUROJUST: Tasks, Competence and Operational Functions in Cross-Border Crimes), of Lt. Col. Antonio Gallo (OLAF’s role in Investigations, Coordination and Cooperation in the Fight Against EU Budget Fraud) and Prof. Pasquale Pistone (The Fight Against Transnational Crime in Tax Matters: the Joint Audits). The final debate concluded the activities.