EUWEB’s Leader Prof. Teresa Russo is thankful for the privilege of being invited to the “Jornadas internacionales. La Conferencia sobre el futuro de Europa” (International Days. Conference on the Future of Europe).

The first day of the international conference took place on 24 November 2021 within the activities of the Jean Monnet ChairReforzar los valores de la UE. El papel de la ciudadanía activa” (Strengthening EU Values. The Role of Active Citizenship) with Professor Elena Crespo Navarro as Scientific Coordinator, at the University “Miguel Hernández” of Elche, Spain.
Prof. Russo’s lecture, entitled “Las ‘nuevas’ fronteras de la acción exterior de la UE en los Balcanes occidentales” (The “New” Borders of EU’s External Action in Western Balkans) developed the ambivalence and the connection between external action and EU enlargement, specifically referring to the migration issues of candidates States, as well as of the EU Member States themselves.

This is only the beginning of a fruitful cooperation for the future. #JeanMonnet #Europe #EU #future