EUWEB Staff is very delight for the authoritative participation of Pablo Antonio Fernández Sánchez, Professor of Public International Law & International Relations, Faculty of Law, University of Seville (Spain)  in the works of the Module.

His Lecture on “The Control of the Immigration in the Maritime Spaces of the EU” received a great appreciation from the EUWEB Module’s participants, because it underlined how the regulation of the migratory control in maritime spaces is based on three overlapping legal frameworks: the law of the sea norms, maritime rescue norms and human rights norms.

Furthermore, the speeches of Teresa Russo, Professor of International Organization and EU Migration Law, Department of Legal Sciences, Leader Module, UNISA and Anna Oriolo, Professor of International Law, Lecturer of EU Law, Key Staff Member, Department of Legal Sciences, UNISA on the “Definition and Management of European Borders and Migration Flows: EU Policies and instruments” explained the historical evolution of EU immigration policy, as well as the EU external border’s checks mechanisms and Agencies in the light of the Integrated Border Management notion.

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We are really delight because our first online meeting was a success!



We are very glad because the activities of March 6, 2020 have been very fruitful!
In a joint commission with Albanian professors, we met Albanian students to check their learning agreements and joint research for the preparation of the degree thesis.
The subsequent meeting of the EUWEB Key Staff Members with Professors Erjon Hitaj of the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Niuton Mulleti of the EPOKA University of Tirana and Ismail Tafani of the Albanian University of Tirana, as partners of the EUWEB Module, led to the elaboration of a new work plan that follows the one prepared at Tirana in the last November.
Finally, the lectures of the Key Staff Members of the Module, Professors Teresa Russo and Anna Oriolo, and Albanian Professors defined the starting framework of the issues that will be addressed in the next lectures.

We concluded our activities with the award of a certificate of recognition to the Albanian Professors for their excellent contribution in the EUWEB Module activities.

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