EUWEB Legal Essays. Global & International Perspectives, Issue 2 is out!

This monographic issue, entitled “EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs: Systems, Tools and Procedures to Strengthen Security Towards the EU Accession Process” marks the conclusion of Jean Monnet Module EUWEB’s scientific activities.

Introduced by the Preface of Teresa Russo (EUWEB Leader), Anna Oriolo and Gaspare Dalia (EUWEB Key Teaching Staff), the issue features the contributions of:
Maria Eugenia Bartoloni, Marcella Cometti, Elena Crespo Navarro, Sara Dal Monico, Leticia Fontestad Portalés, Kamilla Galicz, Heliona Miço, Massimo Panebianco, Francesco Spera.
As final remarks, Teresa Russo draws some conclusions on the future of EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs in the Western Balkans.

Link to the issue:

EUWEB’s Final Ceremony (28 July 2022) was a delightful event, being not only the occasion to bestow a well deserved certificate to the participants of the Module enrolled in our third and conclusive edition, but being also the proving grounds for some of our students, who did an excellent job with their presentations.

An album full of pictures of the Ceremony of that day is now available on EUWEB’s Facebook account, at the link:

EUWEB Leader, Teresa Russo, and the whole EUWEB Staff express their heartfelt thanks for these three wonderful years of Module and wish to remind that EUWEB’s scientific and research activities are to continue in the guise of the efforts of our Legal Observatory, namely in the publication of the journal “EUWEB Legal Essays. Global and International Perspectives” and further scientific events in the future.

Thank you everyone! 🙂