We are delighted to inform you that the programme of the third edition of the Jean Monnet Module ‘EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs’ (EUWEB) is under completion, with some news too!
We are launching the program in January 2022 and it will also be the occasion to open registrations for the new edition through the usual form available on our official website: www.euweb.org.
So, stay tuned and have our best season’s greetings! #EU #WesternBalkans #Greetings

We’d like to introduce EUWEB’s latest publication ‘La lotta alla corruzione nella legalità reticolare. Il sistema penale multilivello’ (Fight against Corruption within Reticular Legality. The Multilevel Criminal System), a scientific work ensuing from the Conference of 8 May 2020, edited by Prof. Teresa Russo, EUWEB Leader, and Prof. Anna Oriolo, EUWEB Key Teacher, with the purpose of framing the current multilevel, indeed ‘reticular’, criminal system and tackling the corruption phenomenon.

With the contributions of: Sebastiano Barbato (Italian Guardia di Finanza), Giuseppe Fauceglia (University of Salerno), Luigi Foffani (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Anna Oriolo (University of Salerno), Massimo Panebianco (University of Salerno), Nicoletta Parisi (University ‘Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’), Teresa Russo (University of Salerno), Antonino Sessa (University of Salerno), Filippo Spiezia (Eurojust), Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation).

Link: https://www.francoangeli.it/Ricerca/scheda_libro.aspx?Id=27492

We are delighted to include the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies of Belgrade (Serbia) among our partners thanks to the joint efforts of Prof. Teresa Russo, EUWEB Leader, and Prof. Ivana Bodrožić, representative of the partner institution.

Appreciating its valuable contribution in the past, we are looking forward to working with this new partner in the future!