With the latest ones held in 2018 (Sofia) and 2020 (video conference), Wednesday 6 October, the Slovenian Presidency of the Council hosted in Brdo pri Kranju the European Union-Western Balkans summit.
The fruitful event brought together leaders from EU Member States, EU Institutions and the six WB partners: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia and Kosovo.
In this occasion the EU along with its WB partners adopted a declaration consisting of a series of points (ranging from Green transition to connectivity and security cooperation) that can be summarised in the following: 1. a €30 billion Economic and Investment Plan (EIP); 2. a pledge to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates; 3. definition of the path towards lower roaming costs; 4. an Innovation Agenda for the Western Balkans; 5. Green Lanes and Transport Community Action Plans.
EUWEB firmly believes the declaration is another step in the right direction of further inclusion and integration of the Western Balkans.
LINK to English and Western Balkans languages version of the declaration: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/it/press/press-releases/2021/10/06/brdo-declaration-6-october-2021/